Avast Antivirus

 Click here to download free – The Avast Nitro Update is designed to have less drag on your system so you can stay fast and productive, and safe at the same time. Helpful Instructions:  Accept the defaults to install this software.  You do not need the premium upgrade.  It will ask you to create an […]


Click here to download free – Speed up your PC with quick & easy defragmentation. Now that you have defraggler installed let’s go over some of the basic task to make your computer run better. Double Click the Defraggler Icon on your Desktop Now you will see the opening screen of Defraggler. From this screen […]


CCleaner Bad Dog IT recommends you run CCleaner at least once a week; or whenever your computer seems to be running slow. Once a week at the minimum this will keep things running much smoother for you. Click here to download free – Ok what does ccleaner do for us? Is your computer running slow? […]